Shocking the Gate-Rapists

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You might think nothing could shock perverts who sexually assault the public for a living, but three engineers in India have come up with something that ought to wallop the TSA’s deviants into better behavior: they’ve “invented a set of electrified underwear to help prevent rape.” No doubt they meant the unofficial sort, but heck, this should work on federal gate-rapists, too.

“The underwear, called Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE), deploys a 3,800kV charge to anyone touching the outside of the underwear while protecting the wearer with a polymer lining.” Perfect! “‘A person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated…,’ Manisha Mohan, who helped develop the product, told The Times of India.

“It can shock an attacker up to 82 times.” Oh, joy! Wearers could sashay through numerous checkpoints before re-charging! Indeed, rather than keeping your eyes down, meekly agreeing to whatever degradation your assailant orders in the hope that it won’t get worse, and dressing in ugly, shapeless clothes lest the molesters pounce, I foresee a generation of newly empowered passengers: women flaunting themselves, looking the TSA’s freaks in the eye, and even screaming imprecations at them, all for the privilege of taking out a few dozen.

I suggest those of you still braving aviation’s gulag order multiple sets of this electrifying underwear — and gentlemen may want to beseech our three geniuses to design some for them, too. The product is supposed to be available “by April.” Alas, Amazon is not yet selling it, so you may have to order directly from India. (Thanks to Bill Martin for the link. He sent it by way of illustrating the utter insanity of gun-control and the lengths to which disarmed populations must go to protect themselves — another pertinent and invaluable point.)

11:05 am on April 11, 2013