Shocking News: Government Can’t Run a Cemetery Either

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Who could have imagined it? A socialist cemetery is as much of a snafu as everything else the government runs. Thousands of graves, maybe many more, may have the wrong tombstone or no tombstonb, at what is dubbed “Our Nation’s Most Sacred Shrine.”

UPDATE from John:

Arlington National is supposed to be the final stopping point in the pilgrimage of the worship of Ares/Mars (even down to the Greek architectural influence), with all the attendant solemn honor, in the mind of people who view military service as a “noble calling,” “an honorable profession,” etc.  Instead, I believe the treatment of the remains of veterans is entirely honest and consistent with an institution which instead views soldiers as disposable pawns in foreign policy experiments and tragic, pointless wars.  What were once happy little two-year-old boys, giggling and playing with balloons and toy trucks, then carefully nurtured into an adolescence which is full of promise and potential by loving parents, are robbed of their identity in basic training, their humanity ruined when they are put into places like Iraq of Afghanistan, then finally their dignity is stolen when their remains are so sloppily interred.  I’m sure there will be the attendant calls for “oversight” and “reform,” but as always, trying to fix an institution which was designed to serve an evil purpose is bound to fail.

UPDATE from Ryan Mullen:

The government can’t run the cemetery, but it sure does know how to fill it.

7:17 pm on June 10, 2010