Sheer Gall

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And my apologies to Gall, because this is even more base.

The State Department — directed by Hillary Clinton, an incompetent so burdened by guilt that she can’t bear to show her face in public — sent two of her deputies to testify on Capitol Hill today.

Did they cavil in shame for their department’s abysmal performance in general, and Benghazi in particular?

No way! Not these “professionals”! Like their fellow bureaucrats in government schools nationwide, they ignored their disastrous performance and the lies their department perpetuated for weeks,  and then demanded more money from the taxpayer to help them “reform”!

Note: the blue-ribbon panel that issued the “independent” (read: whitewash) report (blaming no one, of course)  on Benghazi was headed by the dependable apparatchik Thomas Pickering, who served as Deputy Secretary of State under Hillary’s husband.

Heckuva job, Tom!

2:47 pm on December 20, 2012