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Like all LRC writers I get a lot of friendly email, and every once in a while I get helpful advice from a Bush supporter. I like to know who doesn’t see it my way, so I googled this reader. He is about in his fifties — peak Baby Boomer era, owns a 4600 sq foot home in San Francisco that he leases as a vacation home, another home in Pine Mountain, CA, part owner in a Cessna Skylane TRG II, he races old cars, and he owns or owned an advertising agency in SF. He thinks I should spend even more at Wal-Mart in celebration. Anyway — his email starts…””Karen: You seem really troubled….”
“Is it Bush or government in general or the times or what? You sort of wander around the point, and all I get is that you’re really unhappy.

What’s this “swaggering cowboy” BS? Do you really want a namby pamby leader ready to accommodate a few Bin Laden crazies? I don’t. George is simply a guy who has a little problem constructing a coherent sentence–but is an MBA and flys a jet. Few dummies can do that. Your comment sounds like a French editorial. Bush is not dumb. Thank God he’s got some smart people on his team who understand the world.

Tightening your belt at Wall Mart? We’re recovering from a normal business cycle. It’s always been there. Regardless of who was in power. And guess what…the economy is starting to roar. Go with it. Have some fun. Buy a bunch of stuff at Walmart. It won’t hurt.

Yes, we’d all like our leaders to be flawless, but I can’t name one. Can you?

Who would you rather have leading the country? Mr. Gore? I hope not. Any of the poor, misdirected Democrats who haven’t a position other than “anti”? I hope NOT.

‘Great Leader” ? Karen, no one says Bush is…least of all Bush. That’s snide.

What exactly is your point? Are your upset that Bush isn’t God? That’s what happens in a democracy: we elect a common guy and then expect miracles.

The US and the western world are in for some serious times that will tax us plenty.
It’s better than losing Chicago to some idiots with a middle ages mentality.

Cheer up. It’s going to be okay.”

9:25 am on January 7, 2004