“She was just smoking some pot. What’s the big deal?”

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As my wife and I were cooking some risotto and working on wine, we had the TV on. It was one of those often melodramatic Dateline shows on NBC.

The story tonight was about a teenager who, to avoid being charged with possession, collaborated with the cops on a drug bust. She was given 13 grand to buy cocaine and a gun. The deal went bad and she was killed, even after she had been assured by the police that she would be safe.

The details of what happened were not shared for three months. The statists (prosecutors, DA, and the rest) basically had two things to say. One: it was a failure of the police, who are there to be trusted and to keep people safe [hah!]. Two: if the teenager had just followed the law, she would not be in trouble.

Of course, we heard nothing about the evil of the war on drugs.

My wife’s comment: “She was just smoking some pot, what’s the big deal?”

8:02 pm on August 14, 2009