Sharp Criticism of But No Point to the TSA

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The top U.S. transportation security official [that would be John ‘The Pervert’ Pistole] said on Wednesday that he had decided not to permit passengers to carry small knives on airplanes, after receiving a drumbeat of criticism from flight attendants [sic for ‘the unions that control aviation’] and the public [sic for politicians, or ‘legislators,’ as the article later calls them – kinda bizarre that even the unspeakably obtuse corporate media would confuse those sociopaths with us, but there we are] that easing restrictions would increase flight dangers.”

So now we see what it takes for the TSA to abandon a policy: “a drumbeat of criticism” from unionists whose jobs depend on our buying tickets and from the sewage we elect to office.

Notice that neither set of slime raised a single drumstick, let alone “a drumbeat of criticism,” when this satanic bureaucracy irradiated us, forced us to pose for its strip-show, or sexually assaulted us. Yet we continue flying and voting. Why?

Update, or should I say “Addendum”? Here’s what aviation’s unions think of us passengers: “J. David Cox Sr., the head of the American Federation of Government Employees union — which represents 45,000 transportation security personnel [sic for ‘Thieves and Sexual Assailants at the TSA’] — said … ‘our concern is for our members who are assaulted far too often by irate passengers … Keeping the knife ban will help keep those confrontations from escalating.’” Get it? We’re all just a bunch of murderous cranks, out to assault goons stealing from and gate-raping us. (In reality, only twice or thrice have passengers struck back against their molesters — to nationwide applause and severe persecution from the TSA. Meanwhile, the agency assaults us millions of times each day.) Again, I ask: if you’re still flying commercially, still patronizing this sick, demented, and fascist “industry,” why?

8:22 am on June 6, 2013