Separation of Church and State is Totally Beside the Point

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Only because people are forced to live under territorial monopolists is the separation of church from that monopolist an issue of any substance, because then people of different religious persuasions or philosophical beliefs vie for their preferred state and accompanying religious trappings.

The point is for everyone to have their free and unhampered choice of governance system without a territorial monopolist pre-empting their possible choices. However, intellectuals and commentators today hardly ever even discuss this most basic of all political freedoms. States today do not mention this freedom, it being presumed by them that their system is for one and all. If any church attempted this kind of dominance, rebellions against it would be widespread. The states do not grant or concede freedom of choice of alternative governance (or government) in principle and practice to any and all societies or groups, to any and all individuals, to any and all minorities of any definition, to any and all associations, to any and all religious groups, to any and all parties, to any and all large or small groups, or to any and all ideological movements. This freedom or right is far, far from being acknowledged and secured, and as long as it is not, no country is a free country.

The discussion of freedom of choice of one’s government is extremely limited and circumscribed by all, there being an astounding lack of discussion of its possibilities. This is to the liking of the state and statists who insist that the only relevant freedom is to vote for a party-selected candidate of the territorial monopolist.

Consequently, people who accept the imposed territorial monopoly of the state argue incessantly about peripheral matters like the separation of church and state. These kinds of arguments and conflicts would cease if everyone could choose their own non-territorial government, or join a freely-formed association that had purchased land, formed a territory of some sort and voluntarily erected a government over it. The main kinds of conflicts remaining would stem from those who sought by force to  impose their views of government on others.


6:42 am on June 4, 2013