Senator Specter Goes Home

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to the Democrats, that is. Of course, he would not be in the Senate at all if losers George W. Bush and Rick Santorum hadn’t campaigned passionately for him in 2004 when he was challenged by Pat Toomey.

Like most senators, who are afraid to say publicly what they think privately, Specter is a coward, of course, and he was afraid that Toomey would defeat him in next year’s Republican primary. He switched for sheer “survival,” a Specter defender insists. But his move (which will be seen as “treacherous,” “duplicitous,” and “outrageous” by the usual suspects) merely confirms that both parties are corrupt, and the longer their elected members are in Washington, the more corrupt, sanctimonious, and cadaverous they will (and have) become.

The Founding Fathers (of whom I am admittedly a fan) wanted a government so small that it would not matter to the average yeoman farmer who won national elections, or what party they belonged to. In a manner that is beyond irony, they have finally gotten their wish: both parties are hell-bent on breaking the back of free America and putting us in a straitjacket designed first by the faceless bureaucracy, but eventually by the jackbooted Stasi.

11:34 am on April 28, 2009