Senator Lindsey Graham: Liar, Warmonger, Despicable Human Being

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Lindsey Graham (R-Defense Contractors) has a problem with the proposed spending levels in Obama’s new budget for fiscal year 2015. They are too high except for one area: defense spending. He claims that Obama’s proposal “guts our defense.” Is that so? I have written about this subject on at least two occasions (see here and here). What I can refer you to now is this new study by Winslow Wheeler on “America’s $1 Trillion National Security Budget.” The amount to be spent on defense in FY2015 is not the stated number of $495.6 billion, but $1,009.5 billion. But no matter how much is spent on “defense,” it is never enough for warmongers like Senator Lindsey Graham. But not only is he a liar and a warmonger, he is a despicable human being for wanting to send American young people to fight, bleed, and die in his foreign wars and military interventions.

2:23 pm on March 21, 2014