Sell to Willing Buyers at Great Peril, Gate-Rape With Abandon

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The Feds crowed about busting some 20 serfs in an “Oxycodone ring” last September; their captives are now coming to trial amidst the usual publicity. Several of these wayward entrepreneurs “worked” for the TSA — which has issued its boilerplate about how their misdeeds don’t reflect in any way on the incompetence and sexual depravity of their other 50,000 deviants.

We’ll assume Our Rulers are too busy boasting to notice the glaringly obvious lessons here. First, Oxycodone is a restricted drug, which slaves supposedly receive only by permission of their medical and governmental masters — for our own good, of course. But the fact that a score of sellers were dispensing it to buyers on the black market kinda proves the futility and imbecility of the State’s prescriptions, doesn’t it? Where are the heaps of corpses we should expect with people ingesting Oxycodone as they see fit? The ruined lives (aside from those the State sabotaged with these arrests)? The mayhem and murder? In fact, the “ring” was so innocuous that Our Rulers had to infiltrate it rather than follow the trail of tears, misery, and debilitated or dead bodies to its members.

Second, as the Feds and the TSA’s honchos thunder about the utter wickedness of eager sellers offering a product to equally eager buyers, they utter not a peep about the unwilling victims these same entrepreneurs gate-raped at the airports. And they’re certainly not going to arrest or prosecute them for such crimes. No, they’re too preoccupied with manufacturing fake offenses and tyrannizing the market in Oxycodone to perform one of the very few functions minarchists allow the State: protecting us from bodily assault.

Which is yet another reason you minarchists may want to join us anarchists (and please don’t email me your justifications for minarchy. I’ve heard them all, and you haven’t got a hope in heck of converting me. Besides, we have far more important battles to fight). If a lot of poison is bad, why is a little bit good?

7:55 am on April 18, 2012