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Sedition, not the English anarcho-punk band of the ’80s, but a crime, as defined by the gang of thieves calling themselves the government, of speech or organization or both tending to undermine the established order, and which that order fears might lead to insurrection. A Time mag Obamaite, Joe Klein,  accused Palin and Beck of virtual sedition. To the camps with all seditionists, he implies. But is there anything wrong with non-violent resistance, with withdrawing our consent, with a peaceful intellectual insurrection? Not at all. Indeed, one could say that peaceful sedition is every person’s moral duty. (Thanks to David Franke)

UPDATE from Butler Shaffer:

To be consistent, shouldn’t these vultures also advocate (1) tearing down the Jefferson Memorial, (2) burning the Declaration of Independence, (3) requiring that brewery to stop selling “Sam Adams” beer, (4) requiring the insurance company to change its name from “John Hancock” to something else [perhaps “Barack Obama”], (5) criminalize display of the Gadsden flag, (6) require “Revere Silver Company” to change its name, and (7) change the name of the capital city from “Washington” – the military leader of the earlier seditionists [the paleomilitia] – to something less suggestive [perhaps the Emerald City?].  These are just to get them started; I’m sure more proposals would be forthcoming!

9:01 am on April 19, 2010