Secret Police Power Struggle

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It’s an old story: MI5 hates MI6, and vice versa; the KGB hated the GRU, and vice versa; the Gestapo hated the SS, and vice versa; the FBI hates the CIA, the CIA hates the FBI, both hate the Pentagon, and the Pentagon hates them.

Clearly, the FBI is now in the ascendance, assuming that it is not a cutout in these matters for the CIA or a well-connected allied spy service. And here is what every general must be thinking: If I have anything I do not want made public, I have to assume that the FBI knows it. So if the FBI ever makes a request of me, I’d better do it.

9/11/01, whatever else it was, marked a coup for the military junta. Now the junta has been taken down a notch. Stay tuned.

9:02 am on November 13, 2012