Secret Police Assault Bitcoin

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Homeland Security.”

UPDATE Here’s Mac Slavo on the crime. (Thanks to Bob Wenzel and Floy Lilley)

UPDATE Is Mt Gox the target, rather than Bitcoin itself?

UPDATE from Tom Luongo:

Remember what we discussed when I put that first Bitcoin article together back in 2010?

“And, if the empire does strike back at us for doing so, so what? Someone is working on that problem as well. It’ll be in version 2.0.”  Well, the Empire is certainly striking back today.  I have it on authority that 30% of the inquiries into Bitcoin via google have come from Vietnam, for who else but those behind huge capital controls would most benefit from it?

I knew from the beginning that Mt. Gox was vulnerable, from the day he set it up I could see this happening, because he tried to play nice with the state, as opposed to running a real alternate/protected exchange.  But this won’t kill it, only ensure that the next phase of its development begins today.

7:21 am on May 15, 2013