Second TSA Gem of the Day

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Business Insider lists “Transportation Security Screener” [sic for “Perverted Thug”] among “6 Careers for Curious Types Who Like To Snoop,” right up there with “Gossip Columnist.”

Alas, BI reports that though there’s “relatively low demand” for gossips (outside the Dept. of Homeland Security, of course), “the need for TSA officers is expected to expand at a faster-than-average clip through 2018.”

Meanwhile, avoid the whole, traumatizing mess by checking out charter flights. They’re a tad more expensive than commercial aviation, and they typically fly shorter distances rather than transcontinentally, à la the major airlines and their jumbo jets. But charters operate out of small, privately-owned airports free of the TSA instead of the state- or municipally-controlled ones that the agency terrorizes. Here’s an article about an entrepreneur offering flights between Cincinnati, Ohio, and Morristown, New Jersey; Google “charter flights” and the name of your destination for companies serving other areas.

2:41 pm on October 26, 2011