Seceding From Caesar

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I like to think that the spirit of my Scottish ancestors is being channeled to modern Scots who now have the opportunity to vote for secession from Britain, and to thus separate themselves from the English segment of this wickedly despotic regime. The British government is treating Ashya King’s family as if it was a terrorist group for daring to question the treatment their five year-old son has been receiving for a brain tumor. The parents took their son to Spain, where they were arrested, and British officials now seek their extradition back to Britain, as well as for an order prohibiting the parents from even visiting their ailing son.

While this has been transpiring, George Galloway – a member of parliament who is a most vocal critic of the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians – was savagely beaten by a thug presumably for having behaved as though it was still permissible to express dissenting opinions from official orthodoxy. Most of the letters-to-the-editor of a London newspaper I saw praised the savage brute for giving Galloway what they believed he deserved.

The spirit of John Stuart Mill was long ago driven from English soil by those who have helped modify Thomas Hobbes’ prognosis of a society that would become “nasty, British, and short.” If these people are able to improve upon their character and disposition toward others, they may someday elevate themselves to the level of conduct of English soccer-crowds!

11:46 pm on September 1, 2014