“Secede” Billboard in Tallahassee . . .

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. . . is driving the socialist/”progressives” in the Florida media insane.  This Orlando blogger is so ignorant, hateful, manner-less, uncivilized, and plain idiotic as to qualify for a job teaching journalism at the politically-correct cesspool of cultural Marxism known as Loyola University New Orleans.  Or maybe even president of that university.  (Click on the picture of the “Secede” billboard and it will take you to the blogo-moron’s article).

You can always tell when a “progressive” (i.e., Lunatic Leftist) blogger/writer went to a school like Loyola University New Orleans and was brainwashed in cultural Marxism:  They are incapable of using logic and marshaling facts, but nevertheless believe that they, and only they, know THE TRUTH.  When confronted with contrary opinions they engage in name calling, character assassination, and over-the-top calumny in general.  “Cesspool” is too mild a word for such places.

7:53 pm on February 20, 2014