Sebelius: Government Rape Rooms a Hoot

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Democrat Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas has made the news not only for her moronic official response to the State of the Union, but also for a board game her 23-year-old son has created, tastefully titled Don’t Drop the Soap. In it, you can be a prisoner trying to earn your way out of jail, using such amusing game pieces as a gun and a bag of cocaine.

The game has the blessing of both Sebelius parents (the elder Mr. Sebelius is a U.S. Magistrate), and if you want it, you can send your $34.99 check to the Kansas governor’s mansion, from which the 23-year-old offspring has yet to move out.

It’s good to know that father and mother see all this as fit material for a fun game, even as they send countless peaceful people off to prison to be victims of state-sanctioned rape. And, by the way, Mrs. Sebelius also thinks Kansans can’t be trusted to carry real guns — she repeatedly vetoed concealed-carry legislation and finally was overridden by the legislature. How many innocent people died in the meantime because of her ignorant policy?

But never mind any of that — did you know, the press asks instead, that Mrs. Sebelius looks great in a designer evening gown?

What fun! What exceptionally evil people.

9:35 pm on January 29, 2008