Scott Adams: “Am I a Libertarian?”

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Not much insight on political philosophy, but funny:

I have some vague idea that Libertarians are big on personal freedoms and keeping government out of their pants. My philosophy is more nuanced. I believe that all people favor what they think is in their best interest and then rationalize it with absurd philosophical arguments. Or worse, they join a “team” and agree with whatever the leader tells them.

If my philosophy had a name, it would probably be Ignorantselfishertarianism. When it comes to anything complicated, I’m too ignorant to have a useful opinion. For example:

Some Guy: Scott, do you think we should return to the gold standard?

Scott: Um…

Some Guy: Should the U.S. stay in Iraq and be bled to death or leave now and let the bad guys get a foothold from which they can better try to destroy us?

Scott: Um…

1:40 pm on March 1, 2006