Scary Police Call

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I just received a very frightening call from the police.

“Hello, Mr. M.-? This is THE POLICE. The police protection league. This call is being recorded for accuracy. We are the only charitable organization that does NOT use outside contractors to make fundraising calls (note: that means I am actually talking to a cop, who is recording my responses). We are calling to raise money for police officers killed in the line of duty. I am sending you an ‘I support the police’ decal and you can return the envelope with a contribution, is that OK?”

Whoa! What does one say in such a situation? I very carefully and politely backed myself out of the situation with a quick “thank you very much but I cannot help you.” But it left me chilled. My response is recorded. They know where I live. Where will it end up?

UPDATE: Thanks to William F. for telling me what I should have said (in my defense I was bounding down three flights of steps to catch the phone before the answering machine picked up the call):

Daniel McAdams: “I do not consent to this recording. Please stop recording.”

Policeman: “Okay. Can I count on you…”

Daniel McAdams: “I can’t talk to you. I have to refer this matter to my attorney because you recorded part of the call. Goodbye.”

5:30 pm on October 15, 2012