Sarah, Look Out — BEHIND You !!

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Palin’s enemies are not Obama and Biden — they’re the competition. Her enemies are the GOP Leftists who want inflict on her the torture of a thousand cuts. Like the Giuliani thugs who are her complete antithesis.

So it’s no surprise that some malevolent McCain apparatchik has has assigned to Palin as her “spokeswoman” Rudy Giuliani’s communications director. This twit is bound to know more Urdu than she is of Sarah Palin’s language. The move is designed and guaranteed to make her look stupid, illiterate, and obscure. We wouldn’t want her to outshine Johnnie, now, would we?

Sarah, be sure to wear your bulletproof vest backwards. That’s where all the stilettos are — inside your security perimeter.

Sarah needs no “director” to communicate for her. As Phyllis Schlafly put it last night, “Sarah Palin will appeal to women and men. She’s likable, just like Hillary isn’t.”

4:22 pm on September 3, 2008