Sarah Bugs the Neocons

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How encouraging today to see, in the neocon Wall Street Journal, a hit piece on Sarah Palin’s new book by neocon Thomas Franks. How dare Palin answer her critics point by point, says a representative of that victimological pressed-sawdust, never short of a keen or a whine to justify the empire. Worse—better sit down for this one—she criticizes the New Deal, which Franks compares to the ultimate anti-nationalist blasphemy: “The respect she shows history, though, is the kind of respect you show the flag when you soak it in kerosene and touch a match to it. ‘[W]e tried growing government to save the economy back in the 1930s, and it didn’t work then either,’ Ms. Palin writes. It is a modest assertion, though, compared to the astonishing finding Ms. Palin reveals in the next sentence: ‘Massive government spending programs and protectionist economic policies actually helped turn a recession into the Great Depression.’” Sarah has a long way to go, but bugging Thomas Franks is a good start. (Thanks to Jim Van Pelt.)

UPDATE from Skip Oliva:

I’m not sure if it’s neocons that Mrs. Palin bugs so much as the crumbling remnants of the press establishment. Witness the ongoing Andrew Sullivan meltdown. I can’t think of another context where a “prominent” writer would be permitted to repeatedly print false and defamatory material about a woman — and her infant child — without any consequences. Still, if Palin’s presence forces such meltdowns, that alone constitutes a great public service.

10:34 am on November 18, 2009