Santa vs. the State

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Lew, disgusting! And consider all the great movies and TV shows about Santa being arrested, or confused for a criminal by the police or totally misunderstood by the military. That’s the real story. Santa delivers presents to all the Christians and other kids who celebrate Christmas throughout the world, not because of the military, but despite government intervention. If they ever caught up with him, he’d be in violation of thousands of labor, trade, travel, and industrial regulations.

At some point, children tend to outgrow Santa Claus. If only they outgrew the much more pernicious myth that the state protects us all. At least the Santa story doesn’t rest on the notion that our provider and gift-giver gets his assets through taxation and inflation. And although he does enter into private property to do his business, he does so with an invitation. The state will come by and judge those who are naughty and nice even if we choose not to leave cookies and milk out for it.

11:40 am on December 22, 2008