Safer Among the “Terrorists”

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An American student who has studied in Palestine, Jordan and other places demonized by Neocons states that in three years studying in Arab countries: “I’ve heard more than my share of criticism of the American government and its policies, not once has anyone threatened me or said an unkind word to me. Not one word.”

In contrast, three Palestinians studying in America were assualted at Guildford College including one he stayed with in Ramallah:

I sincerely believe that I am safer in Amman and Ramallah than Palestinian students are in America. I am shocked that my good friend Omar Awartani, the gentle, idealistic and bright student with whom I played basketball and watched movies in Ramallah, and two of his friends were allegedly kicked, punched and beaten with brass knuckles while being called “terrorists” as well as racial slurs. I am disgusted at the contrast between the way I have been welcomed as an American in the Middle East, and the experience he had last week as a Palestinian in America.

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[UPDATE: Bill Anderson says the Guilford attack looks to be another campus hoax.]

11:24 pm on February 3, 2007