Rush Limbaugh Loves Democrats

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On his show yesterday Rush Limbaugh was dreaming up numerous excuses for his audience of neocon dittoheads to spout just in case they experienced the worst nightmare of every warmongering neocon chickenhawk: a Ron Paul victory in Iowa. One excuse that was in the ready was Limbaugh’s theory that Democrats in Iowa were switching their voter registrations to Republican for one day so that they could vote for “the biggest kook” (Limbaugh’s language), namely Ron Paul.

In the context of this particular bloviation Limbaugh also stated, and I quote, “I love Rick Santorum.” And, he said, he “loves” all of them (except Ron Paul).

Well, now that one of Limbaugh’s “lovers” has won the Iowa Caucuses, it is reasonable to assume that he loves Iowa Democrats as well — at least for a day — for they must have voted in droves for Santorum and Romney.

8:15 am on January 4, 2012