Ruminations Amidst The Ruins

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The “scandal” is a yawner, and McCain is a goner, but this caught my eye as I started my second cup of coffee:

“Conservatives are stupid to defend McCain from this story,” Coulter told Politico. “Democrats are the party of adultery, not us.”

I don’t want to be judgmental (gee, especially not on Sunday!), but, according to the public record, here’s the score:

Since 1932, the adulterous presidents (who indulged during their terms of office) were: FDR, JFK, LBJ, Clinton.

The non-qualifiers (on the public record, anyway): Truman, Ike, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Ford, Bush, Bush.

Any corrections? Anybody? Anybody? …. Let’s not always see the same hands …

8:17 am on February 24, 2008