Rudy, Thompson, McCain won’t pledge not to raise taxes

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Ron Paul of course will slash them.

By the way, this national sales tax is a hokey idea you’d expect a stand-up comic like Huckabee to endorse.

When asked at the debate to name three agencies he would cut, he failed to name any. Instead, he mentioned the IRS but surely there would still be a federal tax agency under the “Fair Tax.”

Update: Even this out of context quote from Mother Jones shows how silly the Huckster’s idea is:

Fair taxers offer a solution to this problem through “prebates,” monthly government checks sent to every household in the United States. At the end of the year, a household’s prebates would add up to 23 percent of the poverty line for that household size. For example, a couple with two children would have received $6,297 in 2007, according to Americans for Fair Taxation. Since the prebate would cover taxes for those who spend less than or equal to the poverty line, Huckabee and company argue that the fair tax is progressive.

8:01 am on January 5, 2008