Rude, But Right

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Last night, I saw only a little of Obama’s “health” speech. But it was indeed one lie after another. Same with Bush’s speeches, of course. I’ve never heard a congressmen yell, “You lie!” during such an oration, however, but while that was impolite of Joe Wilson, it was true, and such a shout helps undermine the presidency, which is always to the good. The Rev. Obama’s sermon went something like this:

Let us prey. There have been many debates in American history about expanding the state, and we have always been right to expand it, for moral reasons. Fearmongers criticized even social security, and look how well that has worked out. It is the job of government to care for the sick, the halt, the lame, the blind, the widow, the orphan, the sick, the welfare class. Indeed, it is the highest moral calling of the government, and so we must have Obamacare, for moral reasons, as Teddy Kennedy has indicated in this, his last press release, which I now read: ‘You must give free health care to all and sundry, for America to be moral.’ All the Kennedys are here to endorse me. And so, for moral reasons, the government will take control of your body, your privacy, your life, your death. This will not cost anything, unlike tax cuts for the rich. There will be no waiting lines, no denial of care. You will find only compassion and many helpful injections from your non-bureaucratic Big Nurse. Fear not, for I am with you always, even unto the end of my administration.

The Republican response was stupid, banal, and statist, as usual.

Why, yes, everyone should have medical welfare, whether they want to pay for it or not, and regardless of any preexisting condition. But we don’t want to expand the government quite as much as Obama does.

So, what’s the prognosis? I think Obama’s talk, though confidently read, will hurt him. And no regular American cares about the Kennedy clan. If they do, they are as likely to hate them as love them. So the constant litany of St. Teddy does not work outside the Lootway. On the other hand, given the big-government orientation of the Republicans, Obama will get something. He will incrementally increase state control of medical care, to the benefit of big pharma, the AMA, the hospital industry, and the state itself. All presidents since WWII have done the same. VA care here we come.

UPDATE from RolaWalkenhorstnd:

It was sickening to hear this morning that this pathetic weenie immediately apologized. I thought he would at least explain why he was moved to holler at Obama in the first place (you know, maybe quote something from proposed legislation that would presage government-paid medical benefits for “illegals”), but I haven’t heard a peep, have you? And of course, Obama himself called Sarah Palin a liar in that same speech, with no discernable gasps from Biden, Pelosi, or anyone else.

7:02 am on September 10, 2009