Rouhani Calls for Talks, Not Threats

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Rouhani’s position is spelled out in greater detail in a news conference. He is asking the U.S. to stop making excessive demands about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, which is being conducted within the confines of international agreements signed by the U.S. He specifically singles out U.S. warmongers. I do not expect the U.S. to respond favorably to Rouhani because the U.S. government operates by threats, intimidation and sanctions. These are a policy of “might makes right”, as opposed to a notion of justice or adherence to international agreements.

After this article are comments. A good many are bellicose and suspicious of Iran. Such comments can no longer be taken as the thoughts of independent-thinking persons because the CIA now makes comments on articles under the guise of being from the public. The CIA has corrupted public conversation.

12:01 pm on August 6, 2013