Rothschild puppet calls for global carbon regulation

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As a One World Government “conspiracy” theorist Ive been saying this all along: scare the sheeple with phony global “crises” (e.g., environmental, terrorist, monetary) and they’ll beg for totalitarian global (i.e., One World Government) “solutions.”

“Simon Linnett, Executive Vice-Chairman of Rothschild, has called for a new international body, the World Environment Agency, to regulate carbon trading.

In a recently published paper, Trading Emissions, for the Social Market Foundation, Mr Linnett argues that the International problem of climate change demands an international solution.

Unless governments cede some of their sovereignty to a new world body, he says, a global carbon trading scheme cannot be enforced and regulated.”

[All emphasis mine]

At least the Rothschilds are finally being upfront about it.

6:23 am on July 11, 2009