Rothbard: Present at the Creation

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That outstanding scholar of liberty, economist and historian Murray Newton Rothbard, has been deceased for fifteen years.  He died on January 7, 1995 but his amazing legacy and prolific body of work lives on.  On Friday, the Mises Institute posted several Rothbard lectures on American Economic History.  They are vintage Rothbard, delivered in his witty, engaging, often hilarious style of presentation those of us who were honored to hear him came to cherish and relish.  These audio recordings are not of professional studio quality but were taped live in his college classes at the Polytechnic Institute of New York in 1986.  The lectures cover the topic of government and the economy, the embryonic development of the welfare-warfare state.  If you have ever wondered how it all began, here is your wonderful opportunity to hear it from the master.

12:47 pm on January 16, 2010