Rothbard Changed Me

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Writes Scott McDevitt:

I just wanted to briefly thank you for your unceasing support of liberty and championing the ideas of the great Murray Rothbard.  I was made aware of your website, full of brilliant writers, back in March of 2011, and have been going back every day since then. I’ve also been listening to the Lew Rockwell show repeatedly as well–great stuff!  I just wanted to give you a word of encouragement by letting you know that through your material my entire family has drastically changed their ideology along with influencing even Sam Rohrer, the gentlemen running for the Senate in PA, to not run promising to slaughter individuals in Iran.

Anyway the message of liberty is breaking though to everyone as the only solution to these current problems, and I foresee you, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Walter Block, and David Gordon as being remembered in history as the people who stood up and made the current revolution possible.

BTW- I changed my major to economics after finding a love for it through reading Murry Rothbard’s pieces.

12:05 pm on February 20, 2012