Ron Paul’s Secret Weapon

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When Ron Paul entered politics, it was to protest Richard Nixon’s price and wage controls, and his cutting of the final tie between the dollar and gold. Since that evil day in 1971, the sky’s been the limit for central bank inflation and the special interests it benefits.

Ron, who is widely and deeply read in Austrian economics, and like Hazlitt, Rothbard, and Sennholz (all of whom supported him), has warned about the giant counterfeiting machine called the Federal Reserve, and the booms and busts it inevitably generates, along with monetary depreciation and redistribution.

Now we are at the beginning of a worldwide financial crisis, of exactly the sort that Ron Paul has warned about.

Will the Fed and the other central banks be able to delay the inevitable, or will this be a worldwide washout? I fear the latter, and if so, it is Ron Paul’s secret weapon.In a global economic crisis, who do you want in charge of the White House? One of the crazy commies in the Democratic party, or one of the spendthrift fascists in the Republican party?

Or do you want a sober, learned doctor who knows why we’re sick, and just the cure for us? That is: sound money, balanced budgets, lower taxes, less government.

We are in for a wild ride, thanks to Greenspan, Bernanke, and the rest of the gang, not to speak of much suffering.

The last time this happened, Americans chose our first fascist president, who took us to welfare, central planning, and war. (Though, admittedly, the liar FDR campaigned on a very different platform.)

This is the time, admidst all the scary news, to choose the path of freedom, peace, and prosperity–for our sake and that of the whole world’s.

10:15 am on August 10, 2007