Ron Paul’s ‘Negative Ads’

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There has surfaced discussion among some Ron Paul supporters that his recent use of “negative ads” against his GOP presidential opponents somehow diminishes his stature and credibility. I profoundly disagree with this sentiment. Dr. Paul, by his distinctive persona and philosophy, embodies the perception of integrity and character the electorate will instantly perceive when it examines his presidential campaign in the process of making a choice for whom to cast their primary vote. Paul’s ads need to continue to powerfully and aggressively focus upon product placement and market differentiation, factually demonstrating to potential voters in the electorate what his opposition truly believe and how he is different, how he has been consistently true to principle, true to his word, and that demonstrated action over the course of four decades in twelve terms in Congress speak more than his opponents’ hollow campaign rhetoric and the media’s mendacious distortions and lies. Examples of product placement are Paul’s repeated references to the Mises Institute, Austrian Economics, and economists such as Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, etc., while market differentiation includes not addressing only his GOP presidential opponents Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Perry, and Huntsman, but also John Maynard Keynes and the fallacious brand of Keynesian Economics embraced by those men, as well as President Obama. In his political career Ron Paul has always recognized that he in not only concerned with the electoral present but the future of the next generation. And millions of young persons in that generation eagerly embrace Ron Paul and his powerful message of peace, freedom, and individual responsibility.

12:45 pm on January 7, 2012