Ron Paul’s John Elway Moment

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It is apparent from last night’s debate that the Ron Paul Revolution has reached the point in Gandhi’s famous dictum between ridicule and attack. Dr. Paul’s thunderous retort of Chris Wallace’s insidious attempt to smear him was simply exhilarating.

“‘No! We should take our marching orders from our Constitution,’ Paul shouted back, pointing his pen at Wallace for emphasis. ‘We should not go to war without a declaration’ by Congress.”

Here come the goosebumps. The last time I got such goosebumps was when John Elway scrambled on 3rd & 10 in Super Bowl XXXII, put his head down and slammed passed Packer defenders in what is known as the helicopter play. Quarterbacks usually slide feet first in such situations, but with his career near its end and the championship on the line, Elway courageously went head first. Other than The Drive, this was one Elway’s most inspiring moments.

Likewise, last night was for libertarians Ron Paul’s John Elway moment. Not that the Constitution is the epitome of individual liberty or libertarian philosophy. But, that there’s a principled man out there, nearing the end of his career, who dove headfirst against the linebackers of statism, warmongering, and dictatorial power, all under intense pressure and extreme ridicule. Few, especially among libertarians, have the courage to put their heads down and fight the way Paul did. We live in especially troubling times, and it takes the courageous example of Ron Paul to learn how to hold our ground amidst the shifting winds in the vile justifications of collectivism.

Update: Adam Dada sends along the Elway video: “Go to minute 2:20 to see the helicopter. Fantastic play. Paul’s was even better!”

10:00 am on September 6, 2007