Ron Paul’s Big Night

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Even by Hollywood standards, Ron’s appearance on the Leno show could not have been scripted any better than it came out spontaneously. What a telling contrast with what passes for “news” coverage of politics on the cable channels. The Democrats had one of their make-believe “debates” last night, and – according to one of these channels – the most significant thing to come from it was Dennis Kucinich admitting he had once seen a UFO! This cable channel’s coverage then shifted to show different candidates’ earlier appearances on television programs dancing with the host/hostess.

This is what the presidential campaigns are coming to: the fluff, twaddle, and triviality offered by an establishment bent on keeping morons sufficiently entertained with its chosen puppets, versus the one man who insists on focusing on concrete issues to be analyzed in a principled, factual manner. There are enough life-and-death consequences to how these issues are resolved that are causing increasing numbers of intelligent persons to embrace this man.

11:40 am on October 31, 2007