Ron Paul “Wins” Libertarian Party primaries in California, Missouri

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Libertarians in California and Missouri went to the polls yesterday. Ron Paul was not on either ballot, but he appears to have won anyway.

In California, there were 12 candidates on the Libertarian Party ballot. But write-in votes came in first, well ahead of “top” candidate Christine Smith. Since write-in votes are quite rare in LP primaries, one can assume that most of these votes were for Ron Paul. Unfortunately, since no one filed as an official write-in candidate, these votes will not be tallied for specific candidates. After Smith, the top candidates placed in this order: Steve Kubby, Wayne Allen Root, Bob Jackson, Barry Hess, George Phillies.

In Missouri, “uncommitted” was the big winner, getting the majority of votes cast. Again, one can safely assume that most “uncommitted” supporters actually support Ron Paul.

12:05 pm on February 6, 2008