Ron Paul wins in North Carolina

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Gastonia, NC — No, Gastonia is not a country in Eastern Europe. It’s actually a North Carolina town just west of Charlotte, and tonight they had a county GOP meeting that featured fantastic barbecue at Alfred & Charlie’s BBQ House as well as a presidential straw poll. These results are just in:

John McCain: 2.4%
Rudy Guiliani: 4.9%
Mitt Romney: 7.3%
Newt Gingrich: 7.3%
Mike Huckabee: 9.8%
Fred Thompson: 31.7%
Ron Paul: 36.6%

Given how much time and money the Ron Paul campaign has spent in North Carolina, I’m sure they’ll be pleased.While the barbecue was excellent (and I’m not even a huge barbecue fan), the best part about the evening was the opportunity for numerous “meaningful conversations”, as referenced in my previous comments. The straw poll drew Ron Paul supporters from within and outside the county, and the articulate enthusiasm of the Ron Paul crowd seemed well received by the regular attendees. After the meeting adjourned, questions about Ron Paul and his candidacy from the “regulars” generated healthy discussion for the next hour. By the end of the evening, which lasted longer then many attendees planned, there were a lot more people prepared to answer the question, “Who is Ron Paul?”

The bottom line is if you’re a Ron Paul supporter, or just beginning to explore his candidacy from outside the Republican party, don’t be intimidated to show up at GOP functions and start talking to people. We’re all living in the same world and seeing the same problems — the easiest way to identify the need and light the path for a Constitutional federal government and individual liberty is a one-on-one conversation!

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2:51 pm on August 20, 2007