Ron Paul vs. the Smearbund

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Apparently Mordor sent out the memo to libel Ron Paul. This is a man whose transparent honesty, decency, learning, and devotion to principle make him unique in politics–and hated by the warfare-welfare-police statists.

For decades, extreme groups have been infiltrated and at least partially controlled by federal and private intelligence agencies. Some have been actual creations.

Ron Paul, on the other hand, has been devoted to freedom, tolerance, and peace his entire life. So if someone whose ideology is the opposite of that endorses Ron, wonder: how much was he paid? Who paid him? Who gave the order?

When Ross Perot was leading in the polls, ahead of both Clinton and Bush, the New Republic ran a cover story comparing him to Hitler. Why? Because he was unowned by the power elite.

So, we can expect the anti-Ron smears to increase in number and intensity–there are trillions to steal, thousands to torture, and whole regions to massacre, after all. But they will fail, if we do our job of spreading the truth.

Each time the Orcs strike, we must work harder. So be of good heart, and roll up your sleeves!

4:23 pm on December 22, 2007