Ron Paul ‘Too Old’?

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Writes Walter Block:

Our “friend” Jonah Goldberg says Ron Paul at 75 is too old to run for pres in 2012.

Now I do not know whether Ron will run, or whether he should run. His teaching mission may be better fulfilled through his subcommittee chairmanship. But I do know this: Ron Paul, a great athlete, is physically and mentally 20 years younger than his chronological age. He is far younger, for example, than Ronald Reagan at a similar point. And he would have no trouble swatting aside the Messrs. Chickenhawk that Jonah likes, and explaining the truth to the American people—and all his foreign followers—about war, money, empire, and civil liberties. Forget 2012. I expect Ron Paul to be our leading libertarian in 2022 and beyond.

12:48 pm on December 22, 2010