Ron Paul to speak at Loyola University New Orleans, 9/2/09

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From a report which appeared in the Campus Newspaper, The Maroon:

Ron Paul to lecture in Nunemaker
by Brittney Yandle

On Sept. 2 Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) will hold a lecture on Loyola’s campus titled “The Fed, Freedom and Foreign Policy” on an invitation from the campus Economics Club. Loyola’s College of Business professor and club adviser Walter Block worked as Paul’s scholar-adviser during his presidential campaign. Block has known Paul since the 1980s where they met at a conference.

Both men are involved with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, an organization that encourages the research and education of classical liberalism and libertarianism. Sharing a history together, it was easy for Block to get Paul to speak at Loyola, he said. “He and I are old buddies,” Block said. “He knew that he would be among friends at Loyola.” This event will not only reach out to Loyola students and faculty, but other supporters of Paul from Tulane and the rest of New Orleans, Block said.

Block said Paul will probably speak on issues that are most important to him as a politician and also those that are greatly affecting our country today. “He might mention … stopping abortion, legalizing drugs, stopping Obama’s health care fascism,” Block said. Block said it will be good for the Loyola community to hear a different political viewpoint and wants his students to hear the ideas of libertarianism from an influential and well-known person like Paul and not just from their business professors. “He will provide (the audience) with a perspective many will not have heard before,” said Block. “All too often, invited speakers at Loyola represent but one small part of the political economic spectrum.”

Paul’s speech will be held in Nunemaker Hall at 7 p.m.

4:21 pm on August 27, 2009