Ron Paul: The Liberal Republicans’ Choice?

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You’ve no doubt heard by now that Ron Paul placed fourth in the prestigious New Hampshire Institute of Politics poll, with 7.4%.

The breakdown of the numbers reveals some startling data:

Ron Paul gets 44% of GOP voters who consider themselves “liberal.” He gets only 6% of conservatives, and 5% of moderates. Of course, “libertarian” is not a choice, so voters who consider themselves libertarian would have to choose one of the three (or none) and some may have chosen “liberal.”

Other interesting data from the poll:

Ron Paul gets 15% of those who listed their religion as “other,” “none,” or “refused.” He only gets 5% each from those identifying as Catholic or Protestant.

Ron Paul gets 11% of those GOP voters who said Iraq is the most important problem facing the nation, and only 2% of those who said terrorism and homeland security are the top issue. He gets 9% from those who list the economy as the top issue.

There is also a geographic spike, but I don’t know New Hampshire. He gets 11% in the Lakes Region, and 5-7% elsewhere.

Check the details.

5:02 pm on October 25, 2007