Ron Paul Takes the Right Postition on the Mosque

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Unlike every other Republican politician, so far as I know, and unlike some left-liberals who defend freedom of religion or property rights, but concede that a “ground-zero mosque” is un-PC, Ron Paul takes the correct position 100%. He has been far more bold and principled on this than he even has to be, to stand up for liberty, and has been criticized even by some who otherwise support him for his unambiguous statement on behalf of peace, freedom of association, and toleration. His singling out of the neocons for this orgy of “hate and Islamaphobia” is especially courageous.

Here he is on CNN and is asked for clarification. He cautiously defends the Imam. He says this hatred is perpetuated to foster more aggressive war. He appropriately calls out Newt for comparing the Muslims to Nazis. And he correctly notes that an “apology” from Newt would be worthless.

Just one more example of how there is only one Ron Paul, in all of national political life and certainly among Republicans and so-called conservatives.

12:29 pm on August 24, 2010