Ron Paul: Out of the Mainstream

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Yes, Mitt. Ron Paul’s ideas are “out of the mainstream.” And what is that “mainstream?” In 1944, in the midst of World War II, the heroic journalist John T. Flynn wrote:

The test of fascism is not one’s rage against the Italian and German war lords. The test is how many of the essential principles of fascism do you accept and to what extent are you prepared to apply those fascist ideas to American social and economic life? When you can put your finger on the men or the groups that urge for America the debt-supported state, the autarchial corporative state, the state bent on the socialization of investment and the bureaucratic government of industry and society, the establishment of the institution of militarism as the great glamorous public-works project of the nation and the institution of imperialism under which it proposes to regulate and rule the world and, along with this, proposes to alter the forms of our government to approach as closely as possible the unrestrained, absolute government. Then you will know you have located the authentic fascist.

We have become exactly what our fathers and mothers in uniform then gave their lives to oppose. The establishment’s approved and sanctified political spectrum — stretching from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama — advocates fascism. The same special interest predatory elites that supported Mussolini and Hitler now support this “friendly fascism” of the welfare-warfare state.

Ron Paul advocates freedom, peace, and competitive free enterprise — not tyranny, militarism, and bailouts/subsidies for the Wall Street corporate elites preying on the poor and middle classes.

12:04 pm on December 30, 2011