Ron Paul Named “Person of the Year” on McLaughlin Group

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On the McLaughland Group’s annual awards show:

John McLaughlin awarded Ron Paul “Person of the Year.” “The physician-politician,” McLaughland said, “he injected the Presidential campaign with a dose of truth serum. Paul’s straight talk on Iraq, and his straight talk on the Constitution, as Buchanan pointed out, and the limits of government have made him an Internet phemonema. In fact, Paul has become an independent force in the nation’s life.”

Clarence Page awarded Ron Paul “Most Charasmatic.”

Eleanor Clift awarded Ron Paul “Capitalist of the Year” for his Internet fundraising.

Pat Buchanan awarded Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) “Most Original Thinker” for his resolution to prohibit war on Iran without Congressional approval. Buchanan mentioned that it was co-sponsored by Ron Paul.

The show was taped today and is broadcast different times this weekend in different areas. Check local listings.

11:15 pm on December 21, 2007