Ron Paul is the choice of young people in Illinois

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This morning’s Rasmussen poll that gave Ron Paul 10%, had some very good numbers for the future. (Unfortunately, these numbers are only available to subscribers.)

Ron Paul gets 27% of GOP voters age 18-29, and 19% of those 30-39.

Other interesting poll details:

Ron Paul gets 33% of Republicans calling themselves “liberal,” but only 7% of those calling themselves “conservative.”

Ron Paul gets 23% of non-Christians, while only getting 6-9% of the three groups of Christians listed (Catholic, Evangelical Christian, and Protestant). Today’s Rasmussen poll for California (where Paul gets 5% overall) shows a similar trend: 13% of non-Christians, but only 2-5% of Catholics/Protestant/Evangelicals.

10:51 am on January 31, 2008