Ron Paul Is Not a Christian Fundamentalist

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Despite what the Guardian claims, Ron is no religious right-winger. His non-denominational Protestant faith is tolerant and humble. It’s true that Ron employs the brilliant Gary North; he also employs the brilliant Tom Woods; both will help him with his homeschool curriculum. But Ron is neither a Calvinist nor a Catholic, and he is in charge of the content and everything else. And as Ron said yesterday in a conference call, he wants a curriculum that–while recognizing the importance of religion, as the non-religious Murray Rothbard did–is not “Christian.”

“I want all parents concerned about getting, a high-quality, low-price, rigorous, parent-controlled, pro-liberty education for their children to be able to use this curriculum, whether they are atheist libertarians or evangelicals or anyone else,” he said. Gary North’s religious views are not Ron Paul’s, and neither are Tom Woods’s. But Ron works happily with both these scholars on shared liberty projects. “Freedom brings people together,” as he has often noted.

UPDATE I could go on and on, but let me make just one additional point. Sarah Posner writes:

That’s why you’ll hear Ron Paul’s religious followers say that groups like the American Family Association and Focus on the Family are “not my type of Christian”, or complain that the religious right is “a hollow creature” that has “lost its moorings”.

That’s a slippery, comment with no citation. And even if there were one, how is Ron responsible for some alleged followers? But I do know the actual reason Ron is unenthusiastic about such groups: they share Ms. Posner’s statolatry and warmongering.

9:04 am on April 12, 2013