Ron Paul in My Mail

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As a general rule, any campaign material that finds its way into my mailbox is immediately delivered to my special round file for politicians, otherwise known as the trash. Imagine my surprise this week when I received two items in the mail that I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. The first was the very well done and very attractively packaged Endorse Liberty PAC DVD titled “Your 2012 Republican Primary DVD” with the intriguing subtitle “30% of the people who watch this whole presentation change their votes.” I like that it did not name a candidate on the cover — good marketing to create some curiosity.

The second bit of mail was the super nifty Candidate Comparison Fact Sheet for the state of Virginia, which looks a lot like this version but without Gingrich in the mix. This very clear and readable bit of literature was provided by our friends the Revolution PAC. Looking at a direct comparison of Ron Paul and Romney on the issues it is hard to believe any conservative or libertarian-leaning Republican could select the latter. The differences could not be clearer than they are on the RevPac’s mailing.

As an amateur collector of Ron Paul-iana, I will keep these wonderful mailings and I am sure they will do some real good out here in Virginia.

Super job, super PACs!!!

9:06 am on March 4, 2012