Ron Paul: Foreign Policy Expert

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Rarely does Ron Paul get to discuss the nuances and details of foreign policy, and show just how much he knows about its political economy, the winners and losers, and the intricacies behind the geopolitics. Scott Horton’s great interview of Dr. Paul a little while back reveals some of the candidate’s deep knowledge and thoughtfulness. Not only does Paul know the antiwar rhetoric in soundbite form–which is, unfortunately, all we get to hear from him during the debates–but he is an actual expert on these issues, someone to consult independent of his political ambitions. Of course, for years, and LRC have published his prescient and cogent articles on war and foreign policy. Can any other candidate, of either party, even remotely approach his familiarity with the issues of war and peace, as well as the implications for liberty and the economy?

His Congressional experience and strong commitment to constantly read and educate himself show through in his written works, but rarely does he get to go into detail on radio.

Check out Scott’s interview
. I wish more media people gave Ron a chance to discuss foreign policy at length, rather than asking the same old questions about which Republican he’ll support next November or whether he’ll run with a third party.

12:47 pm on November 13, 2007