Ron Paul Changes Minds

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Writes Michael Robb: “There is much less interruption by the host in this long video of Dr. Paul at Google, and the sound quality is good enough to hear every word.

“From the dumb-foundedness of this audience of brainy web wizards, detected by their absolute contemplative silence at the conclusion of so many of Dr. Paul’s answers – you could have heard a pin drop – some institutions will surely award Dr. Paul PhDs in the fields he is so expert in explaining (teaching).

“There were tough questions from the host and also from the audience, but not a single groan at the answers. Now we see why Ron Paul will succeed. He is, and his ‘message’ is, extraordinarily persuasive.

“Voters and non-voters alike will gain an understanding that there are answers to political problems, and they will wonder why they have never heard about this before from their papers and TV announcers.

“Watch this very interesting video.”

8:24 pm on July 15, 2007