Ron Paul Baffles Media In Iowa

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Nice article by Abelardo J. Arias:

Many of Ron Paul’s dedicated supporters expected the ten-term Congressman (R-TX) to break into third place in the small primary state of Iowa on January 3rd. That did not happen.

Many in the media expected Ron Paul’s internet superstar status to fade away into an irrelevant and dismal showing of real-life votes. They waited to chuckle along with politician-turned-journalist George Stephanopoulos at the audaciousness of a 72-year old Congressman daring to take on the pro-war establishment with only populist support but nary a word for the Good Ole Boys Party. But that did not happen either.

…Ron Paul walked into midwestern America where his non-interventionist positions were anathema, where Christianity is pandered like cheap QVC commercials and where downsizing government makes heavily corn-subsidized citizens nervous. That is where Ron Paul trounced his perpetual critic Rudy Giuliani and fellow debate non-participator Duncan Hunter.

10:07 am on January 4, 2008